Is your BASIC website costing you $1000s each year?
Basic Real Estate Website Costing You Thousands?

Brochure Websites are a thing of the past – find out what really works.

Basic websites that offer the bare minimum information are so last decade. It might seem like a good idea to use an “out of the box” premade template that provides a beautiful visual layout with necessary information. Still, the truth is that these kinds of sites are hurting your real estate business. 

Here are some reasons why using a brochure website is harming your search for new clients.

Google rankings

Search engines like Google expect that your website will be updated frequently – at least once a quarter. These updates should include unique content that offers the reader some valuable information. When you fail to do this, your rankings slide – drastically. 

Because brochure websites do not give any relevant info, you are not going to be able to improve your page ranking or online visibility. In turn, you are never going to meet your new client goals.

There is no conversion

The entire point of a website is to convert visitors into leads and leads into clients. Your website can be fine-tuned for your market and display some of how your services differ from other realtors in the area. When you use a website template, you do not have the chance to customize it.

No features or functionalities

Brochure websites do not give the option of engagement. They are boring because they are templates. Your potential clients want functionality and movement, not static pages.

Limited UI

The user interface of brochure websites leaves a lot to be desired. Sure, your site might inform potential leads about your services, but they fail to inform, educate, and entertain – all essential features of customized sites. Even worse, brochure websites do not follow the 80/20 rule that 80% of your content should be helpful, and 20% should be promo-related.

No ROI measurement 

No functionality means there is no way to measure how well your site is doing compared with competitors. ROI on a brochure website probably hovers at about 0% since there are no engaging gestures or other ways to generate leads.

Even worse – the often-lauded “eye-catching” designs of brochure websites are improbable measures of success. Your site might look pretty, but that is not doing much for your business. Instead, it would be best if you were focusing on other, more meaningful metrics like doubling organic search traffic or higher conversion rates for opting-in on your newsletter.

Brochure websites are suitable placeholders if you need to have an online presence immediately, but they do little for your long-term plans. That is because they are never equipped for the future. Instead, they become obsolete quickly and cannot integrate with the changing face of technology or your business. On the surface, they might be useful for a short-term placeholder, but you owe it to yourself and your real estate business to take time to construct a website that is as unique and individualized as you are.