Why Blogging Is So Important For Lead Gen?

Here is why blogging should be the cornerstone of your lead gen efforts.

Blogging is quite possibly the simplest lead gen option that you have never considered. It is a cost-effective and time-conscious way to allow potential clients a chance to explore you and your brand. In turn, it might help you get more traffic, capture leads, and turn those leads into clients.

A blog can quickly become a magnet for potential clients because it allows you the chance to share your industry knowledge in an accessible and familiar format.

The most accessible and well-designed website can be overlooked if you do not have a concrete promotional strategy in place. The reason is that there are roughly two billion websites with which yours is competing! 

Make it easy for your potential clients to find you when you have a promo strategy that includes blogging. Real estate blogs focus on topics that your potential clients need to know – ranging from what to expect at the closing table to how to search for their new home. 

It is easy to refresh your content and make it exciting and new when you post blogs weekly or monthly. In turn, this will help your search rankings, which might lead to more visitors that are organic on your site.  

When you have new content, you can easily promote your blogs on your favorite social media platforms. Sharing pictures and videos of new homeowners is excellent, but you need more to your promo strategy. Evergreen blog pieces about staging and bidding will be useful marketing tools from the time they are published until infinity. 

Having a robust and informative blog also allows you the chance to share your expertise. While all of your ads might tell the story of your brand, a blog will enable you to show it. That means that your blog because your storyboard for your customer engagement and you can dictate the narrative to be as fresh and breezy or factual as you like.

The more organically you can establish yourself as an expert in the minds of your potential clients, the more likely they are to follow you. Continuing to deliver helpful information in simple and easy to understand formats means that you are going to be at the forefront of their minds when it’s time to buy or sell. 

Generating leads and nurturing leads is simple when you have a blog in place. Many people prefer to learn on their own before consulting with a professional and a blog allows that to happen. This means you are able to focus on clients who have already decided that it is time to work with you. 

Blogs help buyers and sellers put a timetable together for their own plans. So often people want to “test the market” and are not sure if they are ready to sell or buy. Taking the indecision out of the equation helps convert this lukewarm lead into something red-hot and prepared to move. 

People who find you in an organic search because of your blog are more likely to become clients – 14.6% more likely, in fact. In contrast, people who find you from an ad are less than 2% likely to become a client.

The best part about a blog is that it is always there. It is going to work for you when you are offline. It can help free up hours in your day to dedicate to other areas of running your business. It is a sustainable marketing tool because it can help people repeatedly with new and fresh content. 

Choosing topics for your blog is easy. Most experts recommend aiming for one a week and keeping it under one thousand words. Blog writing services can help take the guesswork out of your content plan and will help free up more time for you to focus on other things.

Remember, there is going to be overlap between your blog and others out there. The important thing to do is have an original spin on your topic and offer top-notch quality writing. 

Build your topics around search queries to help drive traffic to your site. Address common challenges with buying and selling and consider blogging about local events. These two approaches will establish you as an expert in the community and help your potential clients relate to your content on a personal level. 

Once you have a good library of blog posts, you are ready to generate leads with a sales funnel. Capturing a lead is more than just adding a soft CTA. Trackable content marketing funnels are sales funnels built around content. Pulling potential clients into your funnel is as simple as nurturing them in personalized ways until they are ready to become clients.

Blogging is a great tool that is highly underutilized in real estate. Set yourself apart from the competition when you integrate blogging and a sales funnel into your marketing plan.