Three Reasons Why You Need To Automate Your Marketing as a Real Estate Agent

Why You Should Automate Your Marketing For 2019

Technology. We hear this term almost daily. It can be a love hate relationship and as confusing, indecisive, and evolving it may be, it doesn’t have to be a bad thing! Technology can be your best friend at the end of the day.

This continually evolving online world allows you to save money, generate more leads, and generate more revenue! These marketing automation platforms are more than just support tools, but they really change the role of the marketer: tedious and repetitive tasks will be eliminated from their workloads, but it goes far beyond that! These tools allow you to optimize time and focus your efforts where you can really excel. Hiring a marketing company does all of this and more, reaching all channels of customers.

Here are 3 reasons why you should automate for 2019:

1. Save Time & Reduce Your Budget

Having a team dedicated to your marketing efforts will free up your time from tedious and monotonous marketing efforts you previously did. Having limited resources to grow your business both regarding a team and budget can be frustrating but by implementing a personalized, automated marketing approach, you can target the right people.

Do a quick cost analysis on your time.. how much time did you spend on marketing + actual marketing costs(boosted post, online ads) = leads generated.

Did it wash out or were you positive on profits?

Do a quick cost analysis on this: hired marketing team + one lead generated converted into customer = 1 year of services.

2. Better Targeting

So many markets, demographics, neighborhoods… the list can go on!

The questions is: how do you choose what to focus on? Defining your market and focusing your efforts on a smaller scale is way more efficient and effective.

I know you’re wondering, “How do I do this?”.

The answer is clear: choose your top three neighborhoods and create a partnership with an automated marketing company. These two ingredients create the perfect recipe for successful lead generation. By being able to have a specific target plus proven marketing strategies implemented into your business, you will be set for the new year and years to come!

3.Social Media Engagement & Brand Awareness

Are you guilty of creating a social media account and falling off? I think we all are. Did you know that marketing on social media is so important for reaching your target audience! You have the potential to reach billions of people online. 78% of consumers make purchases based on business’ social media accounts.

Do you find yourself to busy to manage and interact on at least 5 platforms? This is where automating your marketing will come in handy. Having a team in the backend creating content and managing your engagement will increase your brand awareness. Showing the online world that you are quick to respond and actively posting your listings, marketing activity..etc will give you a large online presence.

What does having a large online presence do for you? Well it shows that you are credible, good at marketing (this is important when you are working with sellers), and informed. These are qualities your potential customers look for in an agent.