“One social media lead paid for my program for a full year.”

One of our goals at Liftoff Agent is to ramp up your social media exposure.

The specific post that helped generate this customer’s double-ended deal with a developer was through a post by one of our social media specialists. This post was about the agent’s own success story in a previous deal a few years ago that our team had reposted on social media which caught the eyes of this developer.

It’s amazing how a simple shared success story from years past could be used to closed deals today. This agent noted that this one social media post that led to this deal would easily pay for our continued marketing program for the next year, maybe two.

We hope that this helps encourage everyone to keep posting on your social media because you never know who will find your post one day. Stay creative with your posts – not just reposting articles, and you’ll find yourself being able to thrive on social media.

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