With Liftoff, you can…

Set Up Your
Marketing Foundation

Liftoff Agent makes it easy to build everything you need to begin building your online audience and grow your exposure.

Our platform enables you to take control of your online accounts and engage with your clients.

Build a Kick-a**
Custom Website

Having a central hub to house pertinent information and capture leads is key in succeeding in today’s competative market. Liftoff Agent helps you put the focus on You and what you can offer your customers.

Remarket with Facebook & Instagram Ads

Remarketing allows you to position targeted ads in front of your audience that previously visited your website as they browse Facebook or Instagram.

Transition the bulk of your costly traditional ads and put them into remarket ads for pennies on the dollar!


Create Your Lead
Generation Funnels

Having a solid lead funnels on your website is key to online marketing success. Liftoff Agent will help you strategize how to best target your ideal client and create a campaign that generates conversions.

Automate Listing & Videos
on Social Media

Liftoff Agent helps take away the time and bandwidth of marketing your listings and video by simply, taking care of it.

We blast your listing out on all of your social platforms and distribute your videos from YouTube to your audience.

Start Filming Video with Guidance & Strategy

The world favors video content and it’s the best way to convey information and form a connection with your clients. But we understand that you may not know where to start.

Liftoff Agent will guide you and give you step-by-step strategy to help you connect with your clients.


The Liftoff Agent Advantage

Liftoff Agent is built to scale as you grow your business. Our platform allows you to have the flexibility, control and freedom that you need to scale your successful real estate business, without being held back by brokerage tools or template mass-marketing companies.

SaaS Platforms
  • You have little or no control over how your website or marketing looks or functions. You are at the mercy of what the software or your broker decides.
  • You are limited to the features that come with the software, making it hard to grow and improve.
  • You get stuck, and getting out can be costly. SaaS platforms do their best to keep you locked in, so migrating to a platform you control can cost you thousands of dollars and time.
  • It’s hard to grow! You’ll spend more time learning their SaaS software than learning marketing – or even better, spending time being an agent. On top of that, you’re unable to implement new tactics and strategies because you’re locked into their structure and systems.

Liftoff Agent

  • You have the flexibility to build and add-on new features that’s important to you and your business. Our programs can be affordable for new agents or as comprehensive for top real estate teams in the country.
  • You have complete control over your website. Our platform is open source, which means you can modify, add onto and make any changes to it.
  • You have a team that knows you by name. We spend time getting to know you and your marketing and we’re only a quick chat away.
  • As you grow, we grow with you. You have the freedom to implement new tactics you learn, iterate and improve.
  • The better marketer you become, the easier our job becomes. We’re here to guide, teach and grow your knowledge of becoming a better marketer and tech savvy agent. We provide guides, videos and courses to increase value and adapt to new changes in the market.

Thousands of agents and brokers use Liftoff Agent to build their marketing foundation and maintain exceptional results.

Join the many agents, teams and brokers who have chosen us to take their business to the next level.

What our customers are saying

With Liftoff Agent, you can build your foundation, ramp up your exposure and control your marketing platform.

Features Overview



Who is your ideal client(s) and what area(s) do you serve?

Unlike countless other real estate marketing and SaaS providers, Liftoff Agent doesn’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Plug and play real estate marketing doesn’t do you, your real estate business or your potential clients any justice. We spend the time and resources to research your Brand, Positioning, and Strategy from an agency approach to create your website, funnels, and campaigns.

Mission Report & Video Tutorials: We send weekly resources and tips to help you maximize your program and become a better marketer.

Analytics and Reports: We send frequent reports so you know how often people are visiting your site, where they’re coming from and what pages are converting the most.


Brand & Logo

What logo, colors, and design will your ideal client connect with?

Brand Assessment: What logo, slogan and colors will represent your business? We will build a standard logo based off of the Getting Started Form or revamp your existing logo.

Brand & Positioning Meeting: Meet with your designer to design your brand and to discuss your marketing strategy.

Logo & Brand Kit: You will receive a final logo in a .png and vector format.



What overall approach will be most effective for lead generation?

Website Assessment: We will build a custom website based on your Getting Started Form, your brand, your strategy and any existing site you currently have.

Website Meeting: Meet with your developer to go over the initial build-out of the website we’ve created using the website assessment.

Custom Website: You will receive a custom website built using our ideal website structure.

Website Updates: You have the ability to make updates to your website – simply by chatting us!

RealScout IDX Tool: We will pay for your subscription and make sure that it’s running correctly on your website.

Hosting & Management: 99.95% up-time using industry standard hosting with frequent backups. This is essential to making sure your website is secure and always live.


Lead Funnels

What high-value content will your ideal client connect with?

Funnel Pages: We will build two types of funnel pages; those for your ideal client(s) and those targeting ideal city(ies). Funnel pages are inclusive in the ideal website structure.

Local City Articles: You will receive three (3) local city articles for each city funnel.

Ideal Client Guide Articles: You will receive three (3) ideal client guide articles for each ideal client funnel to add value to your ideal client funnel pages.

Email Notifications for Leads: You will receive email notifications as soon you receive leads through your website.

Funnel Updates: We will make sure your city and ideal client articles are up and live at all times. We will add any articles you provide to these pages as part of a website update.


Social Media

How are you going to reach your ideal client on social media?

Social Media Setup: We will create or enhance your existing Facebook Business, Instagram and LinkedIn pages. We will ensure brand and information consistency across all channels.

Social Kit: We will build out all of your social media artwork consistent with your logo & brand kit.

Setup Integration to Website: We integrate Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn links throughout your website as well as feed in Instagram postings.

Listing Posts to All Platforms: You will never need to think about your listing being marketed on your Facebook Business, Linkedin and Instagram pages. Don’t have a listing to market? We can market your past solds as success stories. 

Distribute Your Videos on Social: We can share your videos that are uploaded onto your YouTube (see ‘Video’ below). Videos will be posted to your Facebook Business & LinkedIn pages. At this time, we are unable to post to Instagram due to their specific requirements.


Ad Campaigns

What Facebook and Instagram ads will connect with your ideal client?

Business Manager Setup: We will set up all of the backend connections of the event manager and pixel conversions, along with creating the audiences that your ads will target.

Ads Setup: Now it’s time to put your ad manager to work for you. We will create two (2) ads in your Business Manager Ad account. We will line out all of the details of the ads in the development process and show you what they look like before we go live.

Pixel & Retargeting Setup: We will link your ads to your website to track visitors using the Facebook Pixel. This will ensure anyone website visitors will be tracked so your ads will show up on their Facebook and Instagram feed for retarget marketing.

Capture Website Traffic & Retarget: We will track your website visitors and ensure they are being targeted to by your Facebook & Instagram Ads.

Increased Website Traffic Visitors: We drive new and returning visitors from Facebook & Instagram to your website lead pages. This increases new traffic month-after-month partnered with the retargeting feature. Track these visitors using the Google Analytics tracking we provide you in frequent reports. 

Increased Social Audience: As we run your growth audience ads, you will see your social audience (likes, interactions, followers) increase over time.



What video content will appeal to your ideal client or and showcase your specialty and area?

YouTube Brand Account Setup: We will create or convert your existing YouTube channel into a Brand YouTube Channel. We will ensure consistency with your brand, contact info, website and other social accounts.

Playlist Creation: We can create specific playlists so we can feed groups of videos directly to specific pages of your website upon upload.

Video Marketing: We will market four (4) videos each month. We will upload the video, add meta tags, add geotags, write title and descriptions, add your website and social links, tag and categorize your video and upload your provided thumbnail.

Video Distribution on Social Media: We will distribute your videos to your Facebook & LinkedIn Pages. At this time, we are unable to post to Instagram due to their specific requirements.

Video Feed to Website: Videos will automatically feed into your website after you hit a threshold of 3 videos in your YouTube account. We will ensure that your videos are in the right playlist and feeds into the right page website page.  

Video Strategy & Guides: We create and email weekly mission report videos to help you strategize your videos and improve your marketing expertise.

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