How to Increase your Social Audience

How you connect with potential clients, current clients, and past clients is key to growing your social media presence in 2019.  Each interaction either by comment, share, or like is going to help your overall exposure to more potential clients and referral sources. Document these specific content ideas with tons of pictures & video!

Here are some top tips on how to personally connect with clients on social media for 2019. 

  • SHARE LOCAL POSITIVE NEWS: Share local news stories that have a positive and touching effect on your audience. This could include local fundraisers, school activities, lost dogs/cats, and causes that improve the local area.
  • OFFER EXPERT ADVICE: Provide free expert advice for all real estate related questions and concerns by posting bi-weekly an open offer for anyone looking to get these specific answers. This could include first time homebuyer information, 1031 exchanges, seller home preparation etc. 
  • DOCUMENT PROBLEM / SOLUTION SCENARIOS: Deep dive into some of the most common problems you see as a real estate professional and how you specifically solve these issues each and every time. You would be amazed at how effective these posts are in helping others. 
  • HIGHLIGHT YOUR CUSTOMER CLOSINGS: Regardless if you have a buyer or seller you’re working with, sharing the great news of their property closing is a great way to show potential customers how you take care of your clients. Include a picture or video of the closing day experience and your gifts you provide each client with as a token of appreciation. 
  • TACKLE HARD LOCAL PROBLEMS: Many agents steer away from these types of social media posts, but we’ve seen success addressing local crime, school levy’s, poverty and homelessness, trending gossip, and political situations. Be yourself and don’t worry about pleasing everyone, it’s NOT POSSIBLE.
  • HOST CUSTOMER APPRECIATION EVENTS: On a quarterly basis, invite past clients and potential clients to a hosted catered event in which you can have a resource partner available to share knowledge and expert advice. Also, include an element of customer appreciation thank you gifts, food & drink, and raffles for big ticket prizes. Here is a list of possible events you could offer your client base:
    1. Financial Advising Seminar – Financial Advisor 
    2. Real Estate Investing Seminar – Investment Specialist 
    3. Building A Dream Home Seminar – General Contractor & Architect 
    4. Staging Your Home For Sale – Landscaper/Stager/Painter/HandyMan
    5. Interior Decorator Seminar – Interior Designer & Furniture Store
    6. Seasonal Home Preparation Seminar – Winterizing, Fire Safety
    7. Vacation Rental Home Conversion Seminar – VRBO Expert 
    8. Local Artist Event – Painters, Sculptures, and Designers  
    9. Local Charity Drive – Hospitals, Community Centers, Schools