How do I know which social media platforms to be on as a Real Estate Agent?

How do I know which social media platforms to be on for a small business?

The platforms that work for large businesses will work for small businesses. Here are the top 6 platforms currently:

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. LinkedIn
  4. Twitter

Social media has been proven to be one of the best tools on the market for digital marketing. The best thing about it is that it’s free to start! Once you’ve gotten comfortable, you can start paying for ads on these platform to give your business a little extra exposure boost!

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and not sure where to start, try picking out platforms that link with each other. Facebook & Instagram link, which means that when you post to your Instagram, it will automatically feed that to your Facebook. Sticking with just a couple or a few platforms will still give you that optimal reach.

I’ve created this overview for you so you can decide which platform is best for you and what will help you target your audience better through digital marketing.


Facebook is a great platform to reach buyers or sellers on! As a business, you can choose from a wide variety of marketing strategies on Facebook such as business pages, paid promotions and advertising. The reach you can achieve is so expansive some users choose to not have a website, just a Facebook business page. We don’t personally recommend that approach but that just puts into perspective your audience reach capabilities on Facebook. (Read more  on why we think having a website is so important)

Do these targets pertain to your business?

  • Seniors: Facebook has been growing their senior demographic. It has been a great way to keep in touch with family, which makes it so popular to seniors.
  • Small niche markets: people with common interests.

If yes to any of the above, than your business NEEDS a Facebook page!


Recently acquired by Facebook, Instagram also has a large following! Although your audience may not be seniors, it will definitely be millennials! (first time home buyers) What makes Instagram different from Facebook? Pictures. Instagram is solely based on posting photos. This makes it a great platform to share your listing photos, geo-tag the listing, and tag people who might be interested. If your listing is that much more special, you can invest a couple dollars into some paid advertising for additional exposure.


The “business Facebook” is often what LinkedIn is referred to. LinkedIn has a very similar feel to Facebook but it is all business and professional connections. This platform is a great way to reach other businesses and professionals. LinkedIn also offered paid advertisements but they can be a bit more costly when comparing them to Instagram and Facebook. You often can target high-profile people through LinkedIn. Think of it this way, target people who know are in your niche market based on their professional history.


Twitter is a great platform to interact with your current and potential customers. It is a quick & informal way for you to keep in contact or answer any questions! While having the option to post links, photos and text, it’s a great opportunity to spread the word!

One thing that can be frustrating about Twitter is the character limit. 140 characters is all you are allowed to put into one post, so being straight and to the point is important for an effective tweet. If you want to post a link, try using a link shortener like Bitly to help keep your character count to a minimum.