How do I Generate Real Estate Leads?

Squeeze page. (No, that’s not a page with a virtual hug.)

What is a squeeze page? It’s just a simple term for a landing page. Well, what is a landing page? A landing page is the perfect opportunity for you to “squeeze” an email out of the page visitor.

The term “squeeze page” is a broad term, encompassing any webpage with a primary goal of getting users to sign up for an offer. How you choose to format your squeeze page is up to you. Two common forms of a squeeze page are splash pages and pop-ups.

How do you make an enticing offer for a squeeze page? You can pretty much offer anything free and that will draw people in to giving you their email. You most likely want to offer something that is industry specific.

Some proven tactics that we have used for clients are the following: free coffee, free lunch…etc. These will start the conversation between you and the lead who will than become a deal!

When doing a little bit of research, Kiss Metrics makes a great point that if you are claiming to ask for a user’s email address, it should be necessary to get the information. Most people know that you need an email address to watch a video, but if you are going to send them something to their email or setup a time to meet, the email is necessary and makes more sense!

Interesting in a getting one of these pages setup? Let’s talk!