Do I need a Custom Website as a Real Estate Agent?

From total newcomers to seasoned professionals, the question of whether or not you really need your own website as a real estate agent comes up quite a bit.

You may be thinking, “My brokerage already provides me a website, isn’t that enough?” Yes, that’s a great start but most broker website are pretty limited to a profile page with a small bio, your previous sales, home search, and testimonials.

But we’re not talking about a basic website, we’re talking about a customer website with all the bells and whistles. Is putting forth the money and effort towards a personalized website really necessary as a real estate agent?

Here’s the answer, having a website is definitely not for everyone but if you do a little online research you will see that almost every single top producing agent and team does have their own website. There’s a good reason for this. Let me explain.

There are a lot of agents who believe that by having a website, the leads will suddenly start pouring in. That’s just not how having a website works. There are only two reasons to have a website if you are an agent: 1.) You have so much content that you need your own site and you want to foster an audience of buyers/sellers. Or 2.) You want to utilize the latest digital marketing strategies and be in total control of your lead capturing efforts (Facebook ads, landing pages, etc).

If either of these don’t apply to you, than maybe a custom website doesn’t apply to you but if they do, you need to get on it! Top producing agents understand that the potential of having their own platform and lead capture system and are willing to invest time/money to create an amazing website. If you aren’t engaged on with your website, why would a potential client be?

We’re here to help.  We know this can be a lot to take in, so if you’re unsure of how you should proceed with regards to your online presence, we provide free consultations where we evaluate your needs and provide you a path towards success.  Let’s get started!

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