Brand consistency & why it’s important as a Real Estate Agent!

Why is brand consistency so important?

1. Next Level Marketing

Have you ever seen a commercial and know exactly what it’s for, without even seeing the brand name? That’s marketing on a higher level! Brand consistency brings you and your business to the next level when it comes to online marketing.

You don’t have to convince people to use your product or buy from you anymore, they are seeing your signature brand and are already thinking of making their next purchase with you.

2. Credibility & Dependability

First impressions matter, whether they are online or in person. Imagine interviewing someone for your company and the first time you meet them, they come in with business attire but the next time they come into the office with gym clothes on. You wouldn’t know who they are and what they’re all about.

Would you want this person to work for your company?  The consistency of this person would be questionable and you might feel uneasy about letting this person into your organization. Being unpredictable and hard to follow, can make it hard for consumer to want to do business with you.

Your online audience can feel the same way if you aren’t on top of your marketing! You don’t want to send out mixed signals to your consumers. You want all of your social media platforms to have the same style and you want those to tie in with your website. Having all of your online platforms consistent can help build your brand’s story.

3. Recognition

You want consumers to know your brand on a personal level. There is much more to it than just getting your name out there on the internet. It’s been said that purchasing is more of an emotional decision than a practical one.

Brand consistency = building trust. What I mean by this is, engaging the right emotions with your consumers and making them feel like they know your brand and that it can be trusted.

Giving consumers a dependable experience across all of your social platforms works in the same way as putting out a dependable product. 

Do you have the same brand of food you normally buy? Why do you buy that brand only? You buy it because it’s consistent and know what you’re getting before you buy it. Creating a sleek & consistent look for your brand will make consumers feel more comfortable with your brand and hopefully push them in your direction.