Why Client Testimonials Are So Important as a Real Estate Agent

A strategic marketer would know that the most impactful sales message doesn’t come from a sales rep or a CEO, it comes from a happy customer.

The way a prospect sees it, is that you have an incentive to sell your product. This can lead them to feel like you are not the most credible source.

So what do you do? You combine your marketing efforts with an emotional and powerful story and get the most persuasive video content there is:


1. Building Trust & Credibility

Buyers will always be skeptical when buying a product. They will ask:

  • Does this item work?
  • Is it worth the money?
  • Who else has done business with you?

Potential buyers are naturally curious and want to know if your business is trustworthy and credible before they start pulling out the cash. This is where testimonials come into play and allow your satisfied customers to come forward and address these questions.

Have you ever heard of social proof? It is a phycological and social phenomenon where people assume the actions of others in attempt to reflect correct behavior in a given situation.

To put it more simple, have you ever bought a product without researching it because a friend recommended it? Video testimonials have this exact effect!

Over the recent years, the internet has intensified the importance of social proof because consumers have a reliable tool to read reviews before they purchase.

Do you use Yelp to look up a restaurant before you go to dinner? This is exactly what social proof is.

2. An Emotional Approach

Studies show that people rely on emotions not logic to make decisions. Brands that connect on an emotional level with their prospects.

When you are on an emotional level, you are in a better position to persuade them.

No matter what the emotion was, your buyer will be more likely to remember based on how you made them feel.

3. A Good Story is EVERYTHING

Your testimonials should be centered around a good story. Having a good characters (past clients), with a problem (conflict), and you helped them with their solution (resolution).

Did you know that stories tap into our brains, pulling us into the plot, wanting more. This is how we relate with the world.

This is why good testimonials, draw in your prospects and connect with them emotionally.

Stepping It Up A Notch

We talked about it, testimonials are important. They are key to persuading your audience. But what can you do to take these to the next level?

Video testimonials. 

Video testimonials let your audience see three main things: emotions, better storytelling, stronger social proof. Through video, your buyers can see the body language and tone of these past clients, you can add music to set your tone of the story, and they can see the person behind the review.