10 Creative Videos To Promote Your Listings On Social Media

10 Creative Videos to Promote Listings

  1. Coming Soon – A Video Walk-Thru Tour Room By Room
  2. Open House – An Open House Neighbors Event Invitation
  3. Sold Home – Driving To Property And Adding The Pending/Sold Rider
  4. Just Listed – Interview Sellers On Why This Is The Perfect First Home
  5. Broker Tour – Interview Agents On Their Favorite Features Of Home
  6. Sold Home – Seller Interview Regarding Your Real Estate Expertise
  7. Coming Soon – Behind The Scenes Of Preparing A House For Sale
  8. Pending Sale – Working With Your Buyers’ Offer To Get It Accepted
  9. Just Listed – BiLingual Property Tour To Showcase To Multiple Cultures
  10. Open House – Mortgage Lender Q&A Party At New Listing

Plus Five BONUS Follow Up Video Ideas

  1. How You Got The Deal Done – Circumstances & Best Practices
  2. Helping Your Sellers Move Out – Bringing Over Boxes & Supplies
  3. Gifting Your Buyers A Killer Take Out Dinner Once They’ve Moved In
  4. Hiring Your Landscaper For A Free Month of Service For Your Buyers
  5. Delivering A Massive Fake Check To Your Sellers With Gift Basket
    • (Here’s Where You Buy One – https://amzn.to/2LcifBL)