Video Guide: First Time Home Buyer Series

First Time Home Buyer Video Series

  1. How to Improve Your Credit Score to Score a Mortgage for Your First Home.
    • Pull your credit report
    • Assess where you stand
    • How to improve your credit score with error disputes
    • Erase one-time mistakes
    • Increase your limits
    • Pay on time
    • Give yourself time
    • Recommend lender or direct contact to you
  2. How to Save Money for a Down Payment and Closing Costs on a New House
    • How to save money for a house
    • Trim those quiet, unnecessary expenses
    • Open a dedicated account
    • Automate your savings
    • Tap into your IRA
    • Check out down payment assistance programs
    • Recommend lender or direct contact to you
  3. How Much House Can You Afford? Down Payment and Mortgage Rates Explained
    • Why your mortgage payment depends on your income
    • Why your mortgage payment depends on your income and debt
    • How a down payment fits into the picture
    • How mortgage pre-approval can estimate your mortgage payment, too
    • Beyond your monthly mortgage payment: What else do you have to pay?
    • Add it all together = How much house you can afford
  4. How a Real Estate Agent Can Help Buyers Choose a First Home, Mortgage, and More
    • How a buyer’s agent can benefit them
    • Don’t settle for ‘good enough’
    • Ask questions
    • Talk about your network, expertise, experience & team
  5. How To Pick a New Home You’ll Adore (With a Monthly Payment You Can Afford)
    • Have a long chat with your agent; talk goals and roadmap
    • Don’t worry about timing
    • See beyond the decor
    • Bring a camera
    • Tune in to how you feel
  6. Real Estate Agent Tips on How Buyers Can Make an Offer on a New House
    • Pick the right price
    • Lowball with care
    • Write a letter
    • Consider contingencies
    • Keep your emotions in check
  7. The Home Appraisal Process: How It Can Impact Your Mortgage Payment
    • Appraisals estimate a home’s value with fresh eyes
    • You’ll get a copy of the home appraisal, too
    • Appraisers work for your lender—not you
    • They protect buyers from a bad deal
    • A curveball appraisal isn’t necessarily the end
  8. Home Inspection: What First-Time Buyers Should Know About Home Inspections
    • Hire a top-notch home inspector
    • Attend the home inspection
    • Don’t panic (until it’s time to panic)
  9. How to Get a Home Loan: Tips on Down Payments, PMI, and Other Mortgage Info
    • Should you work with a bank or a broker?
    • How long will you live there?
    • What monthly payments can you afford?
    • Do you expect your financial situation to change?
    • Should you lock in your rate?
    • Can you negotiate anything?
  10. Down Payment Covered? There’s More: Info On Mortgage Lender Closing Costs
    • Inspection and appraisal fees
    • Lender fees
    • Discount points
    • Home insurance
    • Title insurance
    • Seller’s costs
    • Timing
  11. What to Watch for on Your Final Walk-Through of a Home
    • Create a checklist
    • Ensure required repairs were completed
    • Inspect previously hard-to-reach spots
    • Look for missing items—or secret swaps
    • Don’t panic over a little dirt
  12. The Final Walkthrough: What Real Estate Agents Need First-Time Buyers To Know
    • Do repairs and painting first
    • Hire a cleaner
    • Change the locks
    • Don’t forget the utilities
    • Check in with the HOA
    • Make a detailed list of your belongings
    • Figure out the best nearby takeout

Here is a great example of a playlist for first time home buyers: