36 Top Real Estate Video Content Ideas

1. Video with Mortgage Lender INTERVIEW (Rates, First Time Homebuyers, Market Changes) 

2. Video of Market Report (Critical Data & How This Relates To BUYING & SELLING?)

3. Video With Financial Planner – How To Defer Capital Gains (Financial Planner) 

4. Video With Past Clients (Testimonial Interview) 

5. Video With Contractor/Handyman (House Preparation & Best Projects To Do)

6. Video With Real Estate Investor (Foreclosures, Distressed, Probate)

7. Video With Home Inspector (Discuss what to expect and look for) 

8. Video With RE Attorney (Difficult Situations or Problem/Solution) 

9. Video With Transaction Coordinator (How much paper work is involved in transaction?)

10. Video Regarding Disruption in Real Estate (Zillow Zestimates, Technology, iHomebuyer)

11. Video With Stager (Typical Fees, What They Really Do?)

12. Video With Escrow Agent (What is escrow process?) 

13. Video About Marketing A Listing – Photos, Video, MLS, Newspaper, Mailers, Open Houses

14. Video With Landscaper (How to properly prep for an open house?) 

15. Video With Past Client – Discuss Success Story

16. Video Regarding Shopping in Farm

17. Video Regarding Entertainment & Nightlife In Farm

18. Video Regarding Top Rated Golf Courses, Tennis Clubs, Gyms 

19. Video Regarding Crime & Safest Places To Live (Interview Cop) 

20. Market Report Year in Review (Trends, Pricing, Market, Interest Rates)

21. Video Regarding Real Estate Investments (Flips, Buy&Hold, Multifamily) 

22. Video Regarding Local Employers (Growth, Trends, Top Places to Work) 

23. Video Regarding First Time Homebuyers (Process To Expect)

24. Video Regarding Mortgage Rates & How The Effects Your Payments?

25. Unique Selling Proposition – Your Positioning In The Market

26. Why You Hire My Team To List Your Home?

27. What We Do Differently vs. The Other 10,000 Agents In The Local Area

28. Why Our Real Estate Marketing Supersedes All Competitors

29. How We Reach 5,000+ Local Buyers Through Social Media Marketing

30. How We Stage Your Home So You Get Top Dollar For Your Home

31. Why Our Preferred Vendors Make Your Home Move FAST

32. How Our Loan Team Gets Your Deal Done

33. Why My Appraiser Looks Out For Your Best Interests

34. Why My Negotiation Skills Leave No Money On The Table

35. What Is Your Expertise? Identify Marketing Specific Target Market & How You Help Them?

36. Why I charge a full commission of 3% vs. 1% discount brokers?