Top iPhone & Android apps to Look like a Million Dollar Agent

Sometimes, all it takes is an app. It’s truly amazing how far mobile technology has come these days. For those who have been in business since “The Binder” days, we’ve seen how much technology has changed the real estate industry.

We wanted to write this post to show you some of the cool things that real estate agents are utilizing today on their smart phones. Please note that not all apps are available to both iPhone and Android users, but we’ve compiled a bite-sized list for both.

There is a bit of a learning curve to each of these apps – but there are plenty of YouTube videos out there!

iPhone: Inshot, PicsArt, Layout, FilmoraGo, videorama, Pixaloop
Android: Inshot, Logopit, Layout, FilmoraGo, Pixaloop, DU Recorder

  • InShot is a great way to edit your photos and videos for Instagram. It takes the fuss and high costs out of needing to hire a videographer.
  • PicsArt is one of the top photo editing apps that will have your social media images POP!
  • Layout from Instagram is the best way to make collages to share them on your social feed. It’s a simple app that takes no time to learn!
  • FilmoraGo is another video editing app that gears it’s product on simplicity and ease of use. It’s strengths are in sound and music features you don’t get in Videorama and InShot. FilmoraGo takes editing to the next level with his Audio Mixer feature which lets you adjust music, audio and voice over.
  • Videorama let’s you create quick video content. It’s simply great! The only downfall of this app is most of the features are paid – but they are definitely worth the price and very inexpensive compared to other editing software! It’s similarly compared to the Canva of video editing software.
  • Pixaloop lets you animate still photos. Imagine being able to animate a photo you took of your listing – have the sky move and the pool ripple. Their motto explains it all, “Breathe Life Into Your Photos”. This is one of our MUST HAVE apps you need on your phone.
  • DU Recorder lets you record your mobile screen. It’s very helpful when you want to film a short clip looking at a home on social media or wanting to showcase looking through a website.
  • Logopit is the easiest way to create a logo. By no means is this a replacement for a professional logo, but it’s the way to go if you’re short on a marketing budget!