“It really works! People have stopped me on my walks to say they recognize me from social media!”

That’s Awesome! We want to help our customers gain more exposure locally in their farm.

Our program is geared around gaining local exposure by utilizing social media and other online channels. Each week we work with you to gather local video, photos and resources about your neighborhood to make YOU the resource of the area.

That, coupled with the constant paid ads running in your farm, you’ll be bound to be spotted by people in no time!

This is exactly what happened with this customer. She admits she was a skeptic of social media. “After all, I’m over the age of 60 and have no knowledge of social media.” She said she knew she had to be on social media, but didn’t know where to start and felt too overwhelming to learn.

After sitting through a free training seminar that Liftoff Agent had hosted at her brokerage, she decide to take a big leap and give it a try. There was a 30 year old colleague in her office who was closing 1-2 deals per week simply off social media and videos. She knew it worked, she just didn’t know how to get started.

Since this customer had 0 (ZERO) social media presence and no online reviews, it took a while to get a bit of momentum. Each week we would send one task for the agent to send us for our team to craft that into a story on social media. And after a few weeks, she was a local hit! Liftoff Agent setup all of her channels, website and even gave everything a new brand all within 27 days.

Two months later, this customer was on her daily evening walk with her golden retriever in the park in front of her house when a couple in their 30s with a stroller came up to her and told her she looked familiar. They had remembered seeing her website after clicking one of the multiple ads running for this agent on Instagram. Unfortunately this couple had JUST bought their home, but the real success was for this agent and learning that gaining exposure in her farm IS POSSIBLE and IT WORKS through social media marketing.

If you or your broker would like to invite us to come in and talk about best practices in marketing online – we’d love to stop by, buy your brokerage lunch and teach you online marketing. Unfortunately this is only limited to where we have social media experts – but please do reach out!

Give us 30 minutes to show you how you can get more success stories just like these.