Social Strategies That Bring In New Business

Improve your social media efforts with ten easy to use templates.

Social media is the best way to nurture prospective clients, promote your brand, and turn lukewarm leads to ready-to-go clients. That is because clients want an agent who not only protects their interests, but also helps them navigate the complex process of owning a home. 

Social media allows you to open dialogue with clients and create lasting relationships with them. This simple template list will help you navigate the world of online presence, so you are not only the industry expert in the area, but also the first agent your clients think of when it is time to buy or sell.

Avoid posting to post

It is great to talk about the listings you have available, but you should never post just to post. Instead, think about common questions your clients have asked, and post about those things. Worthwhile content is more important than posting frequency. 

Be genuine

No one wants an agent who is stiff and devoid of personality. It is important to be yourself. So if your marketing copy sounds like someone other than you, rewrite it. Your clients want personal connections with you, so authenticity is critical. 

Do not forget your existing clients 

Your existing clients are the reason you are where you are in your career. Remember to engage with them. Invite them to join your social pages. This adds a layer of history to your brand and helps create a vibrant community of shared experience. 

Educate your clients + engage with your followers 

In addition to chatting with your followers on social media, you should also use the platform to help educate them on various real estate issues. This means that you can talk about common mistakes or offer suggestions on how to make the process smooth and straightforward. 

Homebuyers are increasingly using social media to connect with agents, so be prepared for this outreach and use their engagement as a way to start conversations. 

Be prepared to respond quickly to anyone who reaches out on social media. That does not mean you need to respond to people who post negative comments or engage in bullying behavior. Resist the temptation to go toe-to-toe with your critics, but make sure you acknowledge the praise from your loyal clients. 

Promote the area, not just the property

Buyers are looking at communities, not only properties. Real estate agents often forget this one thing. Remember that your engagement should include a rich understanding of the markets you serve. 

In addition to excellent blog posts and images, do not forget to add video to your social media promo strategies. More people watch video than read online content, so this should be a significant element of your online presence. 

Remember, you are not the only agent in town

You are probably not the first agent a buyer has contacted, and you are definitely not the only agent in town. Social networks are great places to engage with potential clients and learn what they want in an ideal agent. Keep in mind they are not all brand-new. This means you need content for both the first-time buyer and the seasoned homeowner. 

These tips can help assuage some of the challenges of being in real estate and posting on social media and in turn, can help build brand awareness and promote your business.