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Liftoff Agent has helped me understand and create marketing that WORKS. I knew going in that marketing takes time to work, it’s not like paying for instant leads. But 8 months with them, I’ve closed my first 3 deals strictly from online leads which have paid for their services for the next decade.

Jeanne Ross
Top 1% Producer

The Reason Why Agents Choose Us

✔️ Customized, Human Approach To Real Estate Marketing
✔️ Building Brand & Position Tailored Uniquely To You
✔️ Creating Your Essential Foundation of Marketing Tools
✔️ Stellar Support, Education & Resources
✔️ Tracking Your Marketing Performance
✔️ Long-term Audience & Traffic Growth
✔️ Trusted Marketing Technology Partner

The Liftoff Agent Advantage

Liftoff Agent is built to scale as you grow your business. Our platform allows you to have the flexibility, control and freedom that you need to scale your successful real estate business, without being held back by brokerage tools or template mass-marketing companies.

SaaS Platforms
  • You have little or no control over how your website or marketing looks or functions. You are at the mercy of what the software or your broker decides.
  • You are limited to the features that come with the software, making it hard to grow and improve.
  • You get stuck, and getting out can be costly. SaaS platforms do their best to keep you locked in, so migrating to a platform you control can cost you thousands of dollars and time.
  • It’s hard to grow! You’ll spend more time learning their SaaS software than learning marketing – or even better, spending time being an agent. On top of that, you’re unable to implement new tactics and strategies because you’re locked into their structure and systems.

Liftoff Agent

  • You have the flexibility to build and add-on new features that’s important to you and your business. Our programs can be affordable for new agents or as comprehensive for top real estate teams in the country.
  • You have complete control over your website. Our platform is open source, which means you can modify, add onto and make any changes to it.
  • You have a team that knows you by name. We spend time getting to know you and your marketing and we’re only a quick chat away.
  • As you grow, we grow with you. You have the freedom to implement new tactics you learn, iterate and improve.
  • The better marketer you become, the easier our job becomes. We’re here to guide, teach and grow your knowledge of becoming a better marketer and tech savvy agent. We provide guides, videos and courses to increase value and adapt to new changes in the market.

Set Up Your
Marketing Foundation

Liftoff Agent makes it easy to build everything you need to begin building your online audience and grow your exposure.

Our platform enables you to take control of your online accounts and engage with your clients.

Build a Kick-a**
Custom Website

Having a central hub to house pertinent information and capture leads is key in succeeding in today’s competitive market. Liftoff Agent helps you put the focus on You and what you can offer your customers.

Remarket with Facebook & Instagram Ads

Remarketing allows you to position targeted ads in front of your audience that previously visited your website as they browse Facebook or Instagram.

Transition the bulk of your costly traditional ads and put them into remarket ads for pennies on the dollar!


Create Your Lead
Generation Funnels

Having solid lead funnels on your website is key to online marketing success. Liftoff Agent will help you strategize how to best target your ideal client and create a campaign that generates conversions.

Automate Listing & Videos
on Social Media

Liftoff Agent helps take away the time and bandwidth of marketing your listings and video by simply, taking care of it.

We blast your listing out on all of your social platforms and distribute your videos from YouTube to your audience.

Start Filming Video with Guidance & Strategy

The world favors video content and it’s the best way to convey information and form a connection with your clients. But we understand that you may not know where to start.

Liftoff Agent will guide you and give you step-by-step strategy to help you connect with your clients.


The Proof in Numbers

Broker Success Story: Rossmoor Realty | Walnut Creek, CA

Liftoff Agent custom IDX websites are not only some of the best designed sites in the real estate industry, but also top performers in terms of traffic and conversions. In 2019, Rossmoor Realty had over 80,000 page views, 35,000+ unique visitors, 271 tour request opt-ins and astonishing 38% bounce rate. That’s a 12% increase year over year with Liftoff Agent. Visit:

Lead Pages Success Story: Heather Stoltz | San Francisco, CA
Liftoff Agent lead page campaigns use expert lead generation funnels to reach motivated buyers and sellers in our clients’ farm areas. In just 90 days, Heather Stoltz had just one lead convert to a double-ended investment property deal. That’s a return on investment of nearly 15:1 and pays for our performance programs for over 5 years! Visit:

Retargeting Success Story: Tina & Robert Parrish | Rossmoor, CA

Liftoff Agent retargeting campaigns are built for agents with a solid database of current buyers and sellers, potential nurtures, past clients, and sphere of influence. Tina & Robert were your classic “Referral Only” agents, who needed top of mind awareness and retargeting ads delivered to their past clients to gain valuable referrals. Within 6 months of being on program, Tina & Robert closed a $1M dollar listing from a retargeting referral! Visit:

Omni-Channel Marketing Success Story: Lori Olson | Pleasanton, CA

Liftoff Agent omni-channel marketing allows agents to connect their digital, social, and traditional marketing to build a more consistent, trackable, and scalable lead generation pipeline. This December, Lori Olson launched a IPad holiday giveaway via social and used a custom built Liftoff Agent lead funnel with personalized video to gather 51 leads in 14 days! View:

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Danielle Cranston

#1 Individual Producing Agent at Compass
Top 1% in Contra Costa County and Nationwide

Eva Tia

Top Tri-Valley Agent
Compass Pleasanton

Jeff Katz

SRES® Specialist in the Bay Area
Downsizing Expert

Heather Stoltz

Top San Francisco Agent
Local Native & Expert

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The Guarantee Behind The Program

✔️ Guarantee No Annual Contracts (month-to-month)!
✔️ Guarantee No Software, One Size Fits All Template Garbage! 
✔️ Guarantee Increased Online Exposure Within 90 days!
✔️ Guarantee Buyer/Seller Leads Within 90 days!
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