Need To Know Social Media Marketing Strategies For Real Estate Agents

Remember the days when you would look through the newspaper to find a home? Well, the world has upgraded from paper to the internet and this is where real estate marketing is heading. Home-buyers are online looking for that perfect purchase.

So what does this mean for agents? It means that being present on social media is key to your success. So what platforms should you create an account for? Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, any of them will do. And while it’s easy to create accounts, it can be hard to get your message across to the right audience. Getting you message to the right people at the right time can involve a little bit of strategy, so here are some tips to get your started.

Facebook, Facebook, FACEBOOK.

Everyone at sometime has heard of Facebook. Did you know that there are over 2 billion active users on Facebook? So how do you tackle marketing on Facebook as a real estate agent?

Having a balance between customer centric posts, business related posts, and personal posts is a great start. It helps to show community involvement when your post about local events involving the area you sell in, or current local news. Having community mindfulness helps position you thought leader, not just an agent.

A quick inside to thought leadership marketing: the goal is to provide an entry point to your business by branding yourself as an expert but not creating a heavy sales pitch. You still want to highlight your service but you want to show that you are knowledgeable and willing to help. By posting community centered content, you are diving into thought leadership marketing!

Create an Instagram 

Instagram is user friendly and often thought of as the perfect platform for agents. Instagram has more than 700 million users who are tapping that “like” button 4.2 billion times per day.

Since Instagram is  mainly accessed through mobile devices and tablets, it is very easy to take with you and access from anywhere. Since this platform is so accessible, it is clear to see why the level of engagements are so high, video views are increasing, and brand awareness is easy to strengthen.

While professional listing photos aren’t a bad idea, if you’re just getting started, a DIY photo will work just fine. Go ahead an add a filter that really makes the pool POP, but don’t get to crazy. Natural photos perform better than a fake, over-filtered photo.

Don’t forget to add those videos in there! A short feature of your new listing on your InstaStory could make all the difference in your strategy to sell that house.

Interact with your followers

You can post all you want, but you have to show some love! Responding to your comments or reaching out to people who like your page, will show that you are attentive and available to talk!

Opening up that line of communication can help potential customers feel like you are genuine and not just looking to pitch that sale. They may think of you down the line when it comes to their real estate needs, all because you reached back out that one time.

Measure your success. 

How are you supposed to know if your marketing efforts are working if you don’t track your metrics? Tracking your social media metrics will give you a better understanding of what strategies are working for you and which ones may need to be updated.

Facebook and Instagram both have these built in to the platforms.