Is Direct Mail Marketing Effective for Realtors?

Yes,  yes &  yes! Direct mail marketing still stands as an effective way to reach your customer.

Creating Your List

Your mailing list needs to be targeted. Selecting one to two farming zip codes will help you to generate a better response. According to, direct mail volumes have been decreasing 1.9% year after year but is still seeing success. Taking your mailing list a step further and profiling your customers by more than just zip code, can increase your success with the direct mail marketing!

Being Personal

Focusing your mailers on the potential need of your prospects, or problems you can solve will do a better job of grabbing the attention of the client!

A quick example of this would be if you are sending out mailers to homes that are in a bad school district, your mailer could highlight houses that are available in a better ranking school district.

While it is unsure what the exact type of direct mail performs the best, we do know this:

  • Direct mail marketing out performs digital marketing response rates by more than 700%
  • The average ROI for direct mail is 15-17%
  • 67% of US adults feel that direct mail is more personal than email
  • Oversized envelopes have better response rate that regular-sized mail (although they cost more, so you’ll need to see if better response makes up for the added cost)

Tracking, Tracking, Tracking

You may be wondering, well how do I track a mailer that I sent through the mail? It’s easy, you create a landing page! This URL will be on the mailer and this will help you track the traffic through Google analytics and you can capture contacts(leads) from the page. If you’re feeling fancy, you can integrate your email marketing platform into your landing page to instantly subscribe the page visitor.

With this landing page, you could also put a pixel in it. Well what is a pixel? A pixel is Facebook’s way of re-target marketing the users. To put it simply, if someone goes to your landing page from your mailer, they would see your Facebook Ad (if you were running one) while they are checking out what their family is up too! This creates the cycle of brand awareness.