Are Paid Ads Really Worth It for a Real Estate Agent?

When it comes to marketing, there are two points that come to mind..

  1. You have to do it.
  2.  It’s not free and can be very VERY expensive.

Money may not be an issue for you but for the other 35 million small businesses across the country, budget is commonly used term. You already have your budget for running your business but what about your marketing budget? I know, another thing that you have to add to your “t0-do” list but trust me, it will be worth it!

So how to do that? How do you figure out what to spend your marketing budget on? Better yet, how do you do that effectively?

These are questions that come to us daily and we finally have an answer. Real Estate agents don’t always get the guidance they need, and that is where we come in handy! We spend our time helping agents utilize the latest marketing strategies without going broke.

Okay? So how do I not go broke marketing, you may be asking. Facebook Ads. There, that’s the answer! Facebook Ads let you showcase your services to thousands and thousands of potential clients for as little as $30 a month.

The Perks.

By now, you should be aware of social media and it’s important in todays marketing techniques. Did you know you have the potential to reach 2.7 billion people online. I still get surprised when agents aren’t aware of the great potential they can reach online!

Facebook Ads run the same way that most other online ads run (Google), but with Facebook the amount of detailed targeting information you get to put in is vast! You can target a user by their online interests, area, certain miles within an area and more!

The best part about all of this customization is the price. The price is real nice. Facebook Ads are EXTREMELY affordable to run. Think of your Facebook Ad as an online billboard on the highway. How many people see your billboard? 1000? 2000? 15,000? An average billboard cost $2250 a week and that isn’t guaranteeing people go to your website and check out out.

But if you ran a Facebook Ad in that same area the billboard would be, you would be exposed to 35% more people online. Not only would you be exposed but the ads would track people who showed interest in you and follow them around on the computer. This means your face would be all over that screen reminding them of their initial interest!


You can go on Google and see a lot of articles about how Facebook Ads don’t work and they aren’t worth the money. The success that comes from the the strategy in place. You have to understand that the ads aren’t going to generate leads instantly! They take time to build a rapport online, what this means that the ads will increase your brand awareness and social exposure. They will also capture and nurture the leads.

So get started! Go ahead and setup your ads. Monitor your analytics through Facebook. See what is working and isn’t working but you have to remember the keyword; time. These ads take time and when they do work, they work very well for small businesses!