3 Key Moves You Need To Make For 2019 As A Real Estate Agent!

3 Key Moves You Need To Make For 2019!

When 2019 starts, hit the ground running!

Take this “slower” time of the year to think about your marketing strategy.

Think about investing in yourself for the new year!

Google Yourself.

Don’t assume that just because your broker has a website, or that you have a personal website and social media that you’re easy to find on Google! Check yourself out online! See if your online presence is being optimized. Do you have a Google Business? Are you registered so that you show up on the right side of Google search results?

Your Google business profile should be the foundation of your digital marketing plan, so make sure it’s verified and being updated regularly.

Evaluate the real estate marketing tools you used in 2018.

Was everything running smoothly? Were you generating enough leads with the digital ads, email CRM, and other tools? Anything tools that are taking more money than they’re worth?

Now is the time to consider ending some subscriptions or investing in new tools for the new year.

Make sure you look the same online, EVERYWHERE.

Brand consistency is key for your online appearance. This lets potential customers know that your are organized. Having the same information everywhere makes less room for confusion for people to contact you.  Don’t give prospects a reason for confusion — make sure it’s super easy for them to find you, contact you, and see that you’re an active agent.