25 Top Real Estate Social Media Content Ideas

1. Super Hyper-Target Local Trending News (Send Articles Via Link)

2. Super Hyper-Target Local Real Estate News (Send Articles Via Link)

3. Written Monthly Market Update – (Attach Data Via .pdf Sheet)

4. Personal Photos – Day in the Life – What you’re up to as a Realtor? (Send Photo)

5. New Construction / Lots / Land / Development Opportunities In Your Farm

6. Dream Team Videos (Lenders, Appraisers, Stagers, Contractors) Interview

7. Problem & Solution Content (Write Up A Few Paragraphs From Agent Perspective)

8. Night Life & Restaurants Reviews (Where Do Your Clients Like To Eat & Drink?)

9. Client Testimonials (Email Reviews From Zillow, Google, Facebook, & Website)

10. Things To Do Locally (Think New Shopping, Bike, Hiking)

11. Host A Monthly Giveaway or Contest (Gift Card) To Capture Emails

12. Mortgage Connection – First Time Homebuyers (Provide Contact Of Your Lender)

13. Real Estate Investment (What’s Going On w/ Multifamily, Commercial)

14. Host An Event To Gather Contacts For Sphere of Influence Database (Your Choice)

15. What Are Your Real Estate Mission & Values (Written From Agent)

16. What Is Your Real Estate Niche In The Local Farm Area (Written From Agent)

17. Travel Post (Post Picture Of Where Your Vacationing or Road Tripping)

18. Seminar Post (Post Picture Of What You’re Doing For Continuing Education)

19. The Negotiation (How You “WON” The Deal For Either Buyer or Seller)

20. Good Cause Post (Who & What Your Donating Time & Money To?)

21. Seasonal Checklist (The Four Seasons Tips For Homeowners)

22. Funny Real Estate Memes (Showcase Some Humor)

23. Success Day Post (Closings, Keys To Buyers, Delivering Final Paper Work, Sold Ryder)

24. Listing House Preparation (What’s Your Unique System For Listing?)

25. Awards/Certifications/Credentials/TransactionVolume (Proof Post Of Your Success?)